The company PROCES – Centre for Municipal and Regional Development, Ltd.

is focused on the work in the area of regional development built on the principles of system approach of spatial planning that integrates planning procedures, working processes, human resource development, as a comprehensive approach to the event management in the territory. Under the new discipline – sociology of space, we develop a communication dimension in the work of architects, regionalists, land-use planners and urban planners, workers in social and health services. We provide training in areas of human resources and participate in active employment policy and education.

We perform predictions of regions using the socio-economic models based on modern mathematical-statistical methods, multi-criteria, spatial analysis, GIS. We create development scenarios, analyse the impacts of not only emergency situations but also in the areas of: social network optimization, changes in structure of settlements, financing of municipalities, the labour market – employment, the development potential of the territory, the impact of new social risks, the economic recession.

Sociology of space records current changes in society, changing demands on the activity in space and multidisciplinary integration. By connecting communication processes among the actors of regional development, the supervision of communication platform in the area is applied. Connecting of social, socioeconomic, environmental, technical disciplines with regional, strategic, community and land-use planning, gives us the chance to operate in the territory, in which we live.